Thursday, October 23, 2008


I see a lot of terribly... non-steampunk steampunk drawings. Does that even make sense? What I am trying to say is that I seem to notice a lot of artists nowadays are forgetting the essential elements to the genre called steampunk and what makes its aesthetics logical.

So I guess, in contrast to that, I attempted to draw Spectrum as if she were living in a steampunk world. She has an enthusiasm for toxins and poisons. The blade on her thigh is used for polluting people's bloodstreams with venom in a more conventional matter, otherwise she has syringes and vials. I think the toxins make sense since a lot of steampunk is seen as a futuristic, possibly 'post apocalyptic' setting, and naturally, there would be dangerous substances all around. Ha.

I tried to emphasize the victorian aspect of steampunk that a lot of people ignore moreso than the uh, steam part. I felt that it suited Spectrum since she already dresses victorian gothic-esque. I may color this sketch, we'll see.

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